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Before scrolling any this short video to get a small glimpse into the power of transformational, fearless coaching and what it can create for someone.

This is what is possible for you:

After watching that, you might’ve caught the coaching bug?!?!


You’re exploding with excitement as you think about all of the possibilities:


  • Working with a full roster of high-paying and high-performing clients!

  • Gaining the respect from your peers and being admired around the world! 

  • Enjoying time freedom and money freedom!

  • Eventually leaving the "9-5" for good and being a Full-Time paid, professional coach!


Then the next thought comes: 

  • How do I coach? 

  • Where do I start? 

  • Who do I want to coach?

(insert your own scary thoughts here)


These are all normal thoughts and feelings as you fear that prospective clients will get a whiff of your “new coach smell.” 

Other thoughts might start to creep in:

“I’ve never done this before, who would pay me?”

“Who am I to try and to build a business?”


These sound rational and make sense but this is the right time for you to hear the truth, so here it is:


YOU are a powerful coach and you deserve a business that serves amazing clients and creates amazing experiences.


Will it happen in one day?

Of course not, and that’s not what I can promise you.

See Bobbi's success story after being coached by me:

​"I came to Alex in a state of frustration because although I feel like I'm moving forward in my business, I knew I could be more productive. Alex has such a calm and Zen like energy, it really helped me to access my own intuition. He helped me pinpoint that goal setting is something I really need to start working on more in order to create a more productive day. I love that Alex knew exactly when to hone in on my own insights and dig deeper!  If you want a coach who will help you pinpoint the problem you weren't even thinking about, Alex is the guy! He rocks! Thank you so much Alex!"

There is a lot of noise in social media about getting 100 clients with 1 email or making 7 figures in 7 seconds and everything else in between.


It can be really overwhelming and confusing and it causes you to hide.

Alex, I am NOT hiding, I'm trying to coach, gimme a break!!!


I know you're trying but I challenge you to consider this:


  • Will clients come to you because of your fancy website?

  • Will they throw their credit cards at you because of your fancy logo?

  • Will your clients flood your inbox because your amazing post on social media that you sent in 5 different groups hoping they take the bait?

These can be useful strategies but they aren't really serving you because you aren't really serving anyone.

 There's a key ingredient you're missing to make this work for you and that's COACHING.

Yes, in my experience, the best way to build a successful and thriving coaching business is to go and

actually coach people!

We can't create transformations behind a keyboard and a sales page,

that doesn't allow people to hear you, see you and know you. 

See Andrew's success story after being coached by me:

"Alex Thanks so much getting to connect with you has been great. It has been to be able to connect with another black male coach. Not just that Alex you are a truly gifted coach.  Your creativity imagination and ability to communicate and humour make you really easy to talk too. Your way of looking at things and the way you can shift a persons perspective is natural and unique.  You are very open and intuitive"

Transformation can ONLY occur with an actual conversation.


Everything great that's happened for me in my business has been the result of coaching people powerfully.

Sounds simple enough, so the next magic question is:

why haven't YOU done that yet?

Some of the limiting thoughts I listed above might be the reason.


Maybe you feel you'll be embarrassed by not having the right amount of skills and certifications?

Perhaps it's a fear of failing as a coach and being criticized by loved ones for going for this "impossible" dream?

What I can promise you is this:

In 9 weeks together, I will show you how to build a solid foundation to create a profitable coaching business.  


Let's slow down for a second and play a quick game:

Imagine what it will feel like when someone finally says YES to hiring you as THEIR coach.

Really take a second to do this and think about what it will feel like to have another human being believe in you and choose YOU to be their mentor and coach to support them with their biggest goals and deepest fears?

It is one of the most exhilarating and humbling experiences you can ever have. 

Your dream clients are looking for YOU, so it's time to get off the sidelines and step on the field and start playing the game.


The coaching industry is more relevant and needed than ever. 

Coaching is leadership and YOU are without a doubt, a LEADER.


What would be possible if you didn’t have to figure out this coaching business all on your own?

What if we could help you make massive leaps in a short time instead of slow and steady (quite often painful) progress.


How can I say these things?


Because I’ve gone through the bumps and bruises of trying this and that to GET everyone and anyone that would listen. 


I listened to the “gurus” of building email lists, starting up YouTube channels, using the magic swipe files and funnels and guess how many clients that "GOT" me doing all of that work: ZERO!


It was agonizing and humiliating but I kept going.

I was “stuck.” 

I just couldn’t move forward until I discovered that I had it all backwards.


I had been trying to build businesses and cash in on what I thought were the best opportunities and hottest fads instead of looking within and going deep within myself. 


Once I got aligned to my purpose and made the decision of serving powerfully without attachment and expectation, EVERYTHING changed for me and my business.


I started to create clients with ease by letting my authentic self show up and express how I could help them instead of trying to impress them.


These experiences were valuable and are part of my story but you have the opportunity to bypass those painful moments and get off to the right start as a coach.

That’s why I'm inviting you to THE COACHING IDENTITY.

See Andrea's success story after being coached by me:


"Alex is a fantastic coach to work with. He really holds the space for you well and his calming energy helps bring you peace and clarity. He is easy to talk to and asked great questions that allowed me to see challenges in different perspectives and find solutions. I have gained so many insights from our sessions and feel focused on my goals. I would highly recommend Alex to anyone who is looking for a coach that will make a difference to their mindset and get them moving towards their goals!"

I’ve taken my 10+ years of entrepreneurship to create a 9 week container where you’ll work with me

(and some special guests) as we support you to design an impactful business you love with the income to match.


Together, we will co-create THE COACHING IDENTITY that best serves YOU. 

Through these 3 phases, you will transform from being unknown, unseen, and unheard into a powerful coach that is equipped to enroll paid clients.


Unknown (Weeks 1-3)


Week 1: What is coaching? 


  • Brief history of the coaching industry and available opportunities 

  • Understanding of the reasons why you have embarked on this coaching journey


Week 2: What is the problem you solve and why should anyone care?


  • Clearly communicating what it is you do as a coach

  • Deep exploration of who your tribe is and who your dream clients are


Week 3: What is a Fearless Coaching Experience? 


  • Being honest, open, and willing to go deep and be vulnerable to explore your fears

  • Development of your qualities as a leader


Unseen (Weeks 4-6)


Week 4: Imposter Syndrome Anonymous 


  • Debunking the myth that imposter syndrome is negative and learning to embrace it

  • Evaluating past successes and triumphs and connecting that to future victories


Week 5: Unlock the Gift of Your Brilliance 


  • An exclusive tutorial of Human Design and connecting to your clients and prospects

  • The benefits of understanding your human design and applying it to business


Week 6: Mastering Energy in Sales Conversations


  • Leading your dream clients to a no-brainer, clear YES!

  • Creating confidence and clarity in your high-value offer


Unheard (Weeks 7-9)


Week 7: How to Serve Powerfully 


  • Understanding the benefits of successful daily habits

  • Creating strategic partnerships, connections and collaborations


Week 8: The Power of Your Client’s Experiences


  • Understanding the power of your client’s and prospects’ stories to position your authority

  • Drawing out your clients’ journey of transformation from your work together


Week 9: Transformation and Expansion 


  • Reflection of this journey, takeaways

  • Best practices for building a successful coaching practice

Here’s what’s you’ll get in the program:


  • Nine (9) weekly training lessons

  • Lifetime access to a members only success center with additional resources
    such as audios, books, templates

  • Lifetime access to a private Facebook group and community of coaches

  • Access to several guest speakers and experts

Your Investment:

$1,200 - Pay in Full (save $300)

Payment Plans available: 3 months, 6 months, 12 months (SEE BELOW)

Here’s what I require of YOU:


  • Be a person of integrity and true to your word (You will get out of this program what YOU put into it)

  • Be fun and enthusiastic (you’re going to play a bigger game than you’re used to, it might be scary but you’re going to smile through it and shine)

  • Be committed and fearless (this process is meant to help you, never hurt you - commit to yourself because YOU are worth it)


Make the commitment to 2021 being the year that you breakthrough!!!