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If you're new to the world of coaching and have the desire to build a successful, prosperous business then watch the video below to learn how I can help turn that desire into reality!


Transformation can ONLY occur with an actual conversation.

I’ve taken my 10+ years of entrepreneurship to create a 9 week container where you’ll work with me

(and some special guests) as we support you to design an impactful business you love with the income to match.


Together, we will co-create THE COACHING IDENTITY that best serves YOU. 

Through these 3 phases, you will transform from being unknown, unseen, and unheard into a powerful coach that is equipped to enroll paid clients.


Unknown (Weeks 1-3)


Week 1: What is coaching? 


  • Brief history of the coaching industry and available opportunities 

  • Understanding of the reasons why you have embarked on this coaching journey


Week 2: What is the problem you solve and why should anyone care?


  • Clearly communicating what it is you do as a coach

  • Deep exploration of who your tribe is and who your dream clients are


Week 3: What is a Fearless Coaching Experience? 


  • Being honest, open, and willing to go deep and be vulnerable to explore your fears

  • Development of your qualities as a leader


Unseen (Weeks 4-6)


Week 4: Imposter Syndrome Anonymous 


  • Debunking the myth that imposter syndrome is negative and learning to embrace it

  • Evaluating past successes and triumphs and connecting that to future victories


Week 5: Unlock the Gift of Your Brilliance 


  • An exclusive tutorial of Human Design and connecting to your clients and prospects

  • The benefits of understanding your human design and applying it to business


Week 6: Mastering Energy in Sales Conversations


  • Leading your dream clients to a no-brainer, clear YES!

  • Creating confidence and clarity in your high-value offer


Unheard (Weeks 7-9)


Week 7: How to Serve Powerfully 


  • Understanding the benefits of successful daily habits

  • Creating strategic partnerships, connections and collaborations


Week 8: The Power of Your Client’s Experiences


  • Understanding the power of your client’s and prospects’ stories to position your authority

  • Drawing out your clients’ journey of transformation from your work together


Week 9: Transformation and Expansion 


  • Reflection of this journey, takeaways

  • Best practices for building a successful coaching practice

Here’s what’s you’ll experience in the program:


  • Nine (9) self-study training lessons

  • Three (3) private sixty (60) minute coaching calls

  • Lifetime access to a members only success center with additional resources
    such as audios, books, templates

  • Access to several guest speakers and experts

Your Investment:

$2000 - Pay in Full (save $200) + SPECIAL BONUS TRAINING

Payment Plans available: 3 months and 6 months (SEE BELOW)

See Bobbi's success story after being coached by me:

​"I came to Alex in a state of frustration because although I feel like I'm moving forward in my business, I knew I could be more productive. Alex has such a calm and Zen like energy, it really helped me to access my own intuition.


He helped me pinpoint that goal setting is something I really need to start working on more in order to create a more productive day.


I love that Alex knew exactly when to hone in on my own insights and dig deeper!  If you want a coach who will help you pinpoint the problem you weren't even thinking about, Alex is the guy! He rocks! Thank you so much Alex!"

See Andrea's success story after being coached by me:


"Alex is a fantastic coach to work with. He really holds the space for you well and his calming energy helps bring you peace and clarity. He is easy to talk to and asked great questions that allowed me to see challenges in different perspectives and find solutions.


I have gained so many insights from our sessions and feel focused on my goals. I would highly recommend Alex to anyone who is looking for a coach that will make a difference to their mindset and get them moving towards their goals!"

Here’s what I require of YOU:


  • Be a person of integrity and true to your word (You will get out of this program what YOU put into it)

  • Be fun and enthusiastic (you’re going to play a bigger game than you’re used to, it might be scary but you’re going to smile through it and shine)

  • Be committed and fearless (this process is meant to help you, never hurt you - commit to yourself because YOU are worth it)


Make the commitment to 2021 being the year that you breakthrough!!!