Food and Workouts

Here is a run down of everything that I am doing...

I am focusing on calories and carbs. I am tracking EVERYTHING I put in my mouth- drinks, candy, food, everything and anything.

I am sensitive to flour and dairy so I am following kind of a Paleo way of eating.

I say kind of because I am very loosely following Paleo. I would say I am about 80-90% following it but I am allowing myself grace- I eat what I want as long as I am in my macros (1,800 calories or less and 100 grams of carbs or less).

I also intermittent fast- complicated term for I only eat between the hours of 10am-6pm. But I loosely do this as well. If there is a morning where I am starving at 930am, I let myself eat a little early. Same as if I am having a crazy day and 6pm I still haven't had dinner, I eat as soon as I can to be as close to 6pm as possible. But GRACE!

I am focusing on eating 1,800 calories or less and 100 grams of carbs or less.

I am not focused on fat/protein- they fall as they do and I'm good with that for now.

If you follow my same way of eating, the fat might seem higher then you're used to, but one thing I have learned is that when your carbs are low you need higher fat. Carbs and fats are your energy source. That is why if someone is trying to do a low carb AND low fat diet you will be hungry. My point is, don't let the fat intake scare you as long as it's healthy fats (nuts, quality oil/butter, etc).

Although I have allowed 100g of carbs for the day doesn't mean I always hit it. My calories and carbs I just consider to be "not to go over" type of numbers. Some days I only have 70g carbs, other days I only have 1,400 calories. I am listening to my body and eating when hungry in the allowed time frame (10am-6pm) and calorie/carb guidelines I have set for myself. I try to be mindful of the days I am not working out and I try to have lower carbs those days. BUT, if I am really craving something, I am going to have it in the healthiest/cleanest way that I can while still staying as close to my calorie and carb guidelines as possible. My goal is to not deprive myself but also make healthier choices.

Below is an example of a day of eating for me

Breakfast- Overnight "hemp" oats.

Lunch- Crockpot chicken breast and veggies, pumpkin seeds, 90g grilled sweet potato and 1/2-1tsp butter.

Snack- Iced Coffee 0 cal w/ 1tbsp almond creamer, 1 serving of almonds

Dinner- Turkey burger (whatever kind- doesn't have to be lean) on almond flour bread w/ onion, tomatoes, pickles, 2 tbsp ketchup, 1 tbsp mayo and 1-2 servings veggies. Sometimes I make sweet potato "fries" (baked) if I am no where near 100g carbs yet.

For the day this usually gets me at about 1,800 cal, 134g protein, 108g fat, 94g carbs

For those interested, I do plan to make a post about my favorite go-to recipes and also my favorite items (protein powder, pre-workout, vitamins, etc)

I am also working out a minimum of 5 days a week.

I have been doing a mix of workouts:

-Running/walking around my back yard (literally- no excuses lol)

-Workouts in my garage on the punching bag

-25 minute HiiT

My main go-to workout has been the HiiT workout because its quick, and effective.

On days I am not "working out" and I doing active rest- so I am still moving in some capacity whether it is going for walks, mowing the lawn, whatever. Rest days used to mean for me that I like literally did not move- not anymore! lol

So far following this between May 1 and today May 26, 2020 I am down about 12 lbs and over 7 inches.

Sending you love on your fitness journey, you are not alone!


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