3 Month Weight Loss Check-In

I figured I would do a little 3 month check-in write up to talk about progress and things I found that have worked and that haven't worked for me.

1st some stats. In the last 3 months I have lost:

  • 28 lbs

  • 13 inches

  • 2 dress sizes

I have been doing a mix of things but one thing that has stayed pretty consistent has been the way I eat. I have allowed myself to go off my usually eating planning a little on some days but I have brought it back in and not let that eating derail me for weeks.

I have had a few weeks where I pretty much lost nothing (1-2 lbs kept losing/gaining) but with patience weight eventually came flying off afterwards. For example, I just went through this. It started June 27th and lasted through July 22nd. Almost a month of pretty losing nothing. During this time there were "cheat" meals. This included July 4th weekend and I definitely went off track a few days for that. Then I had some instances of not working out, letting myself indulge. Although I did not go crazy, I know for my body if I'm not on plan I am not losing and those weeks just affirmed that again.

But, then the week of July 22nd came around... this week I dropped 6 lbs! Literally lost about a lb/day. Now a few things I changed- this week was shark week and I usually do not work out shark week. So, no working out this week. I implemented a new probiotic, vitamin C and a new multi-vitamin. The only other change I made was I upped my protein a little- about 20 grams more/ day. Not 100% sure which helped with the weight loss change or if it was just a matter of pushing through a weight loss plateau. Either way, I am just happy that I am SUPER close to my pre-pregnancy weight.

I have been sharing a lot of my workouts/ weight loss stuff on IG so if you would like, follow @TheRealSarahDumas to see updates more often.

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