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You’ve caught the coaching bug! 


There was a video you watched or read a book and have had an awakening that you want to be a coach!


Then the next thought comes: How do I coach? Where do I start? Who do I want to coach? And so on.


These are all normal thoughts and feelings and it can seem to be very scary to have that “new coach smell.” 


Other thoughts start to creep in:

“I’ve never done this before, who would pay me?”

“Who am I to try and to build a business?”


These sound rational and make sense but this is the right time for you to hear the truth, so here it is:


YOU are a powerful coach and you deserve a business that serves amazing clients and creates amazing experiences.


Will it happen in one day? Of course not, and that’s not what we teach.


No doubt you've heard the noise on social media about getting 100 clients with 1 email and 7 figures in 7 seconds and everything in between.


We’re here to help you build a solid foundation of what it’s really like to start a profitable coaching business. 


Imagine building a business that inspires you and empowers others at the same time. Imagine serving dream clients that excite you and are aligned with your core values. 


The coaching industry is more relevant and needed than ever. 

Coaching is leadership and YOU are without a doubt, a LEADER.


What would be possible if you didn’t have to figure out this coaching business all on your own? What if we could help you make massive leaps in a short time instead of slow and steady (quite often painful) progress.


How can we say these things?


Because we’ve gone through the bumps and bruises of trying this and that to GET everyone and anyone that would listen. 

We listened to the “gurus” of building email lists, starting up YouTube channels, use the magic swipe files and funnels and guess how many clients that GOT us doing all of that work: ZERO!!!


It was agonizing and humiliating but we kept going.

We were “stuck.” We couldn’t move forward until we discovered that we had it all backwards.


We were trying to build our business by cashing in on what we thought were the best opportunities and hottest fads instead of going deep within ourselves for what we were truly passionate about. 


Once we got aligned to our purpose and made the decision of serving powerfully without attachment and expectation, EVERYTHING changed for our business.


We started to create clients with ease by letting our authentic selves show up and express how we could help them instead of trying to impress them.


These experiences were valuable and are part of our story but you have the opportunity to bypass those painful moments and get off to the right start as a coach.


That’s why we are inviting you to our FEARLESS COACHING ACADEMY.


We’ve taken our combined 20+ years of entrepreneurship to create a 3 month container where you’ll work with us as we support you to design an impactful business you love with the income to match your commitment.


We’re going to teach you the ways to EXECUTE (best practices for creating courses, marketing, etc.) and mastery of your ENERGETICS (energy in sales conversations, connecting with clients, etc.).


During your time in FEARLESS COACHING ACADEMY you are going to be competent and confident to:


Get clarity on your purpose and turning that in to a business

How to brand yourself and stand out

How to build your online community

How to build courses

How to pack 1:1 offers

How to coach in a powerful way that is transformational for your clients (with live practice/ coaching!)

Here’s what’s you’ll get in FEARLESS COACHING ACADEMY:

Weekly interactive group calls

Weekly Q&A

Private Facebook group

Lifetime access to the program!

Lifetime Access to a Success Center filled with resources


Your Investment for Your Success - $777

Payment Plan available: 

3 installments of $299/month


VIP Upgrade (Only 5 spots available) - $1,555

Payment Plan available: 3 installments of $595/month for VIP access

  • Twelve (12) Weekly Interactive Group Coaching Calls

  • Lifetime Access to a Private Facebook Group

  • Lifetime Access to a Success Center with Supportive Resources 

  • Three (3) Private 60 Minute Coaching Calls 

  • 12 Weeks of Voxer Support during Office Hours




"Sarah is an amazing coach. Her intuitive business coaching and skills are very much needed. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be coached by you. When she invites you; you will definitely feel welcomed. Thank you love for sharing and assisting me. I look forward to more time with you. You are appreciated!!!"

Sharnita Williams


"Alex Thanks so much getting to connect with you has been great. It has been to be able to connect with another black male coach. Not just that Alex you are a truly gifted coach.  Your creativity imagination and ability to communicate and humour make you really easy to talk too. Your way of looking at things and the way you can shift a persons perspective is natural and unique.  You are very open and intuitive"

-Andrew Burnett​

"Working with Sarah is amazing. She was able to tap in to provide intuitive guidance for me personally and my business while also being able to give practical steps to take to move forward in business. I love being able to have the two together. I felt completely safe and supported. She understood what I needed and took extra time on the call to help me. I highly recommend working with Sarah in anyway that you can!"

-Kimberly Pullig

​"I came to Alex in a state of frustration because although I feel like I'm moving forward in my business, I knew I could be more productive. Alex has such a calm and Zen like energy, it really helped me to access my own intuition. He helped me pinpoint that goal setting is something I really need to start working on more in order to create a more productive day. I love that Alex knew exactly when to hone in on my own insights and dig deeper!  If you want a coach who will help you pinpoint the problem you weren't even thinking about, Alex is the guy! He rocks! Thank you so much Alex!"

- Bobbi Gould

There are many more stories I could share but this isn't about us, this is about YOU and YOUR SUCCESS. It' time to move from feeling like an imposter and moving into creating an incredible business and results for your clients.

Join Now, we start on January 18th.

Save Your Spot - $495

  • Five (5) Weekly Interactive Group Coaching Calls

  • Lifetime Access to a Private Facebook Group

  • Lifetime Access to a Success Center with Supportive Resources 


VIP Upgrade (Only 5 spots available) - $995

  • Five (5) Weekly Interactive Group Coaching Calls

  • Lifetime Access to a Private Facebook Group

  • Lifetime Access to a Success Center with Supportive Resources 

  • One (1) Private 60 Minute "Fearless  Coaching Experience" Call 

  • 5 Weeks of Voxer Support for Laser Coaching