Introvert Extrovert

Are you an introvert?

Welcome, and congratulations...
As introverts we hold a special kind of magic!

For a while, I hid behind my introvert mask.
I thought I had to find a career or business that was "fit" for an introvert, because... how else could I possibly be successful?

I couldn't possibly hold a high title job
I couldn't possibly be the face of a business
I couldn't possible inspire and help other women
I couldn't show up boldly online...
That's only something an extrovert could do.

A few years ago I really got tired of my own excuses.
I felt a calling and I knew I was here for more.
So, I decided to do something no introvert in there right mind would do...

I accomplished a lot in a relatively short amount of time...
I've served on Executive Leadership teams as Chief Financial Officer
I've help corporations scale from $0 to $900M
I've built my business to multiple 6-figures in 2 short years
I've worked with several high-level clients
I've shown up powerfully & consistently online

An introvert...
The same person who would skip class if there was a presentation due where I had to speak in front of the class.

I want to share with you what I've learned
& how I literally blow peoples minds everyday when I "reveal" that I'm an introvert by nature.

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May 17-18 2023

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