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This program is all about getting to know yourself on a deep level. You will get an in-depth understanding of how you are meant to show up in the world. The great thing about Aligned by Design is we are going over ALL types of Human Design. So, you will be able to take this knowledge and not only apply it to your own life and business but also utilize it to understand your kids, spouse, siblings, parents, or clients on a deeper level.

No more guessing!

When I found human design and took a deep dive in to my chart for deeper understanding it really changed the game for me.

I used to struggle with all the ideas I had inside of my head. I had 10 different ideas I wanted to launch at the same time but the business world was telling me I had to niche down and only help my ideal client avatar who was Sally who loved to shop at Target while sipping on a Starbucks iced macchiato…
That didn’t work for me. It made me feel like I had to stuff my business inside of a box.

When I discovered the understanding of my Human Design coding, I discovered that I am literally not meant to be put in a box. In fact, my Human Design is meant to multi-task. I am meant to have lots of ideas and be able to offer them all. I discovered a way to structure my business around the energetic code that I was born with.

THIS is what I want everyone to be able to understand and accomplish as well.

This is why I created Aligned by Design.

Aligned by Design is for you if you desire to:

  • Understand yourself and other on a deeper level.

  • Break out of the box and free yourself from the chains you have put on yourself.

  • Release the heaviness and icky feelings you have around your business.

  • Gain clarity on how to show up in your business.

  • Free yourself from resistance.


What you'll learn inside of Aligned by Design:

  • Human Design Types - Use your unique energy to navigate your life & business.

  • Authority - How to make decisions.

  • Profile & lines - Your purpose, where you're going, how the world sees you & how to effectively interact with the world around you.

  • Centers - Your energetic significance that govern how you function and show up.

  • Gates & Channels - Identify subconscious & conscious behavior 

The Aligned by Design Experience:

  • Instant Access - Self-paced course

  • Lifetime Access

  • Live Q&A - get all your questions answered

  • Aligned by Design Workbook

  • Live support within the Facebook Community

One-time payment of $555

3 Month Payment Plan of $230 / Month ($690 total)

12 Week Payment Plan of $57.50 / Week ($690 total)

What do past students have to say about Aligned by Design?

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Aligned by Design Testimonial - Teresa.p

One-time payment of $555

3 Month Payment Plan of $230 / Month ($690 total)

12 Week Payment Plan of $57.50 / Week ($690 total)

New to Sarah's world?

Check out some of what Sarah's clients

have to say about working with her!


"Sarah is an amazing coach. Her intuitive business coaching and skills are very much needed. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be coached by you. When she invites you; you will definitely feel welcomed. Thank you love for sharing and assisting me. I look forward to more time with you. You are appreciated!!!"

-Sharnita Williams

My session with Sarah was indeed a gift! I found her during a live on a Facebook Community Group Chat and her insight was spot on and I immediately booked a one-on-one session with her. Sarah has a very kind, welcoming spirit and I was immediately comfortable and knew I was in a safe space with someone I can learn from. I look forward to many more sessions with Sarah and I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking business guidance and personal growth.

-Santia Tatum


"Working with Sarah is amazing. She was able to tap in to provide intuitive guidance for me personally and my business while also being able to give practical steps to take to move forward in business. I love being able to have the two together. I felt completely safe and supported. She understood what I needed and took extra time on the call to help me. I highly recommend working with Sarah in anyway that you can!"

-Kimberly Pullig

One-time payment of $555

3 Month Payment Plan of $230 / Month ($690 total)

12 Week Payment Plan of $57.50 / Week ($690 total)