"We don’t have credibility, we aren’t successful, who would buy anything from us?"

"Between you, work, traffic, the kids and the laundry, I have no time work on the business!"

"I guess I have to do the whole business by myself!"

“She doesn’t believe in me and my dream!”

“I am his business partner, not his assistant!”

“We’re never gonna make it!”


If you’ve ever said/heard this, raise your hand (ours are raised, we better see yours too)

Have you ever heard don’t mix family and business?

Being in business with your spouse sounded like a dream until reality hit… and a nightmare happened!

One spouse is the dreamer, the visionary while the other is more technical and strategic.

It’s just too tough to build a business you love with the person you love the most right?

Yes! We have been right there too!

We’ve fought through resentment, pointing fingers and HUSTLING all day, all night with no room for family time and married time on the schedule.

We’ve bumped heads countless times but it wasn’t until we stepped back and figured out what works for us, that things started to change.

We have discovered a way to be productive and intentional rather than procrastinate and aimless.

And that is why we put together a simple, no-fluff

step-by-step blueprint to growing your business.

No struggle or hustle required!

Imagine: Building a successful business power couple!

Being the go-to experts that customers are raving about and CAN’T wait to work with?

Would your kid(s) see mommy and daddy as the bada$$ superheroes they’re supposed to be?

Wonder what it would be like to have a business you LOVE that doesn't take all of your time?

The Abundant Business Blueprint is an 8 week online course that teaches you how to build a business around your life and family.

Even if your business is just starting out or you don't have a big e-mail list (or any at all)!

Show Me The Details

Not too long ago we were stuck in hustle mode.

We were hustling and spending lots of time working on our previous business but we weren't fulfilled and satisfied. Actually we were getting REALLY frustrated. 

Alex was working 7 days a week, sometimes 16 hour days in our business and he results just didn’t add up to the time spent.

What kind of life was this?

Weren't we supposed to have a business so we could have time freedom?

Wasn’t our business supposed to bring us closer instead of farther apart?

We were focused on selling, not serving.

We weren't very confident about what we were doing.

We were so focused on just closing another deal or hiring another recruit.

Worst of all, we weren’t working together as a team!

So, we went back to the drawing board. We poured into developing ourselves and working on our mindset. We figured out how to start working each other and building on each other’s strengths.

We took that renewed direction to focus on SERVING our clients/customers instead of SELLING.

We fell in LOVE with our work and that strengthened our bond.

We simplified our business so that we can have time with each other and with our kids.

We created the Abundant Business Blueprint to give you our step by step guide to creating a business you'll LOVE too!

Show Me The Details


After 8 weeks in our program, you will love your business again.

The Abundant Business Blueprint is a CLEAR, and CONCISE blueprint on how to get your business off the struggle bus.

In this course, we walk through:

  • Identifying the mindsets that are holding you and your partner back and keeping you stuck.

  • Creating simple, practical strategies for effective business building.

  • Deep understanding and application of our T.E.A.M.W.O.R.K. model for business growth.

  • How to build a successful business without sacrificing time with your loved ones.

What's Included?

 8 Weeks of LIVE Trainings

 8 Downloadable Action Guides

 8 Weeks of LIVE Q&A Sessions

 Private Facebook Community

Support and Access to Us Throughout The Course.

 Lifetime Access to Course Content and Trainings

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