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Sarah's Story

Are you aspiring to be a leader that makes a powerful impact in your personal and professional relationships?

Are you the creative soul who could use support manifesting your big dreams into reality?


If that's you, then we'd like to share who we are and why we can help you get clear and confident to achieve your biggest and boldest goals!

My story for the 1st half of my life was a dream that became a nightmare. I had what most kids wanted with a safe and stable household until it wasn't.


My parents split up when I was 9 and from there, I dealt with many setbacks with being raised by a single parent, family members with mental illness, low self-esteem, violence in my community and eventually domestic violence and sexual abuse.


Sometimes it's hard to imagine that was my life for so many years. It took a lot of deep, inner work in order for me to claim my power back and trust my gifts. 


The second half of my life has brought me so much that its hard to put into words. I have a loving husband who is my best friend and soulmate. We have 2 amazing kids and 2 dogs (we will have more… and maybe some horses too). 


I'm truly grateful for what life has given me because it's prepared me to be strong, direct, resilient, compassionate, and relentless in how I show up for myself, my family and my clients.


I'm a transformational business coach and I use my intuition to help my clients see what they can't see in themselves.  I help them design new realities for their lives and businesses. 


I will be your biggest cheerleader and also hold you to your word as we create a plan that works for you and what you really want out of life. 


If you'd like to experience this for yourself, then let's set up a time to talk.

"The most important relationship in your life and your business is your relationship with yourself!"

-Sarah and Alex Dumas

There's a lie most coaches believe that you MUST hustle and grind 8 days/week, sleep for 2 hours, and never spend time with your families in order to succeed.


The truth is that approach comes from scarcity, indecision, negative thinking and fear, which are the ingredients for burning out.

Isn't that the kind of energy you want to carry in your life and business? 

We didn't think so either.

Alex's Story

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My life was the complete opposite of Sarah's. Where she was the only child that came from a broken home, I was the youngest of 4 and my parents were together for over 30 years until my mom passed in 2015. 


My upbringing was the middle class suburban dream: bar-be-ques, football games, video games, etc. But for me there was something I felt was missing: ME!


I felt out of place and invisible for most of my life whether I was at home and family gatherings, at school, sports teams and within my neighborhood. 


I struggled for years hiding behind jokes and seeking approval so I could fit in but it was a mask for the pain and loneliness I constantly felt. That eventually led to using drugs, stealing to feed my habit, and keeping anyone who wanted to get close to me at arm's length. 


When Sarah and I started dating in 2006, that started the shift to upgrading myself and believing there was more possible for me.


I'm living proof that you can thrive if you can borrow someone else's belief in you as long as you take consistent, inspired action to prove them right.

My only agenda and intention is to coach you fearlessly and serve you powerfully. 


If you'd like to experience what it's like to be listened to and seen for the first time in your life, then let's connect on an instant clarity session and create powerful insights that will reshape your entire world.

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Success Stories:

"Alex and Sarah are the true power couple, supporting others and serving at the highest level! I’m a better coach and persona because of knowing and having the privilege of working with people like them! Simply the best!!"

Suzanne Taylor

Life & Business Coach - Taylor'd Wellness

"After my first conversation with Alex I becomes fearless and have confidence to coach others. And understand the importance of being present is more important than any tools and methodologies."

Crystal Z.

Spiritual Life Coach

"This was one of greatest session I have ever had. I have felt comfortable talking to Alex about all my fears and limiting beliefs without the fear of being judged. He is truly is an amazing person and his coaching skills are great. He was able to coach me through very well. He patiently listened to all my stories. Great person to work with. Thank you so much for pushing and challenging me to do something that I have always felt scared about."

Zurays K.

Life Coach

"Sarah is a great resource for accountability. She really cares about your success. Her action plans are easy to follow and allows you to set achievable goals. These small wins offer much needed encouragement to continue on a path to more success."

Stephanie M.

CEO - The Royal Squad

"I have been working with Abundance Daily for business coaching and it has been so helpful!  The strategies, support and wisdom they have to offer has been so helpful as I build out my business. They also teach money mindset and have given me ways to set up my business finances for success."

Bridget Romo

Founder - Socially Branded Media

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