Feel like your spouse is more of a roommate than a soulmate?

You're NOT ALONE! 

Marriage is hard, just on it's own, but throw in entrepreneurship?

Good Luck!

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What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

Check on your business, or check on your spouse?

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re probably sitting on the toilet, already scrolling through emails and messages, ready to land that next client and grow your business.

You say you’re doing this for your family - but is that really true?

Maybe you’re thinking - this doesn’t apply to me! I picked a great partner!

But the last time she introduced you at a party...did she call you a workaholic?

When you picked up your phone last night at 9pm to respond to a client, did she roll her eyes at you? 

The truth is, you DID pick a great partner.

And entrepreneurship is HARD, and time-consuming!

Working at home can make it feel like there is a total lack of boundaries between the two

But the truth is - you DON’T have to choose.

Sarah and Alex Dumas have been there too.

Both starting their own businesses, the pull of family life and work life was tearing them apart.

Between kids, sales calls, and stress - they stopped communicating almost completely.

They kept their businesses separate, so that their marriage issues wouldn’t bleed over into business - but the truth was, they BOTH felt unsupported and burnt out.

In 2018, they decided enough was enough.

They realized that their marriage deserved more than the “leftovers” from their businesses, and set out to help other entrepreneurs who are struggling with feeling neglected and alone.

They came together to create Abundance Daily Coaching, to support entrepreneurs and the unique stresses that it puts on a marriage.

Ready to Rekindle the Romance?

Success Stories

"Alex and Sarah are the true power couple, supporting others and serving at the highest level! I’m a better coach and persona because of knowing and having the privilege of working with people like them! Simply the best!!"

Suzanne Taylor

Life & Business Coach - Taylor'd Wellness

"Sarah is a great resource for accountability. She really cares about your success. Her action plans are easy to follow and allows you to set achievable goals. These small wins offer much needed encouragement to continue on a path to more success."

"After my first conversation with Alex I becomes fearless and have confidence to coach others. And understand the importance of being present is more important than any tools and methodologies."

Crystal Z.

"This was one of greatest session I have ever had. I have felt comfortable talking to Alex about all my fears and limiting beliefs without the fear of being judged. He is truly is an amazing person and his coaching skills are great. He was able to coach me through very well. He patiently listened to all my stories. Great person to work with. Thank you so much for pushing and challenging me to do something that I have always felt scared about."

Z. Khan

Life Coach

Spiritual Life Coach

Stephanie M.

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Sarah and Alex have the tools and the strategies that you need to repair your relationship AND grow your business.

No more nonsense about scheduling dates. No more sitting on a couch, spilling your guts, or being lectured by someone who doesn’t get it.

They live the entrepreneurial lifestyle, and they’ve got the coaching chops to show you how to truly balance chores and children.

They’ll walk you through a process that will reconnect you, revive the romance, and rock your business.

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"I have been working with Abundance Daily for business coaching and it has been so helpful!  The strategies, support and wisdom they have to offer has been so helpful as I build out my business. They also teach money mindset and have given me ways to set up my business finances for success."

Bridget Romo

Founder - Socially Branded Media

If you're ready to rekindle the romance in your marriage, click HERE to connect with us for a FREE clarity call

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