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Who are Alex & Sarah?

We're a married couple with two kids. We have built several successful businesses from Network Marketing to Financial Services. A number of these years were spent building teams and serving clients… separately. We never ‘mixed’ our businesses or got involved with what the other spouse was doing.

We thought we should keep our opportunities separate but that led to spending precious time apart and ‘hustling’ but in reality, we were burnt out, unfulfilled and wondering that there had to be a better way.

In 2018, we made one of the best decisions ever and shifted our focus by teaming up together to create Abundance Daily Inc.

This decision came as a realization that to achieve our goals it would be easier and more effective to work as a team rather than separate entities. We saw a need to serve other ambitious power couples by coaching them with our T.E.A.M.W.O.R.K. model.

When we aren't coaching and podcasting, we love spending our quality time serving in our church, reading, playing with our kids and walking our dogs.

"Sarah is a great resource for accountability. She really cares about your success. Her action plans are easy to follow and allows you to set achievable goals. These small wins offer much needed encouragement to continue on a path to more success."

Stephanie M.
CEO- The Royal Squad

"I have been working with Abundance Daily for business coaching and it has been so helpful! The strategies, support and wisdom they have to offer has been so helpful as I build out my business. They also teach money mindset and have given me ways to set up my business finances for success."

Bridget Romo
Founder- Socially Branded Media

"Alex and Sarah are awesome and very knowledgeable!"

Suzanne T.
Suzanne Taylor Life & Business Coaching

Shift from a Scarcity and Fear-based Mindset to an Abundant and Empowered Mindset.


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